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Nicole White



“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.” Jay Danzie

A BC transplant and a graduate of Simon Fraser University, Nicole moved to Ontario in 2004. Prior to her move, she was the Canadian Brand Manager for a variety of Action Sports Brands and is credited with directing and helping their growth in the Canadian Market.   Since moving to Ontario, she has co-owned and operated a small Distribution Company, Sales Agency, successful Action Sports retail store, a High-Performance Snowboard (and Ski) Coaching program, Events and Marketing company, and now Purescapes. 

Nicole’s management experience stems from a long line of positions in the Action Sports Industry over the course of 20+ years.  She is an extremely organized, detail-oriented individual who is very efficient, effective and has an uncanny attention to detail.

After spending a year and a half living on Manitoulin Island, Nicole and her family recently moved back to Eugenia to be close to the ski hills.  Her and her partner split their time between Beaver Valley and Manitoulin, raising their two adventurous boys and three-legged pup.   They embrace the seasonal fun that comes along with life in the Beaver Valley and Georgian Bay.

nicole white
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